About us - Introduction

Ebro River Basin (01-01-1970)

Reservoir water:
  • Guadalete-Barbate
  • Galicia Costa
  • Guadalquivir
  • Aldahra Fagavi is a company dedicated to the processing, marketing and sale of forages. Our activities take place in the irrigated area of the Ebro Valley.

    Our work, on our own estates and on leased land, is subject to strict controls and monitoring in order to obtain the highest yields and production quality, while maintaining the sustainable balance of the land.

    We have several processing plants and supply chain facilities in the area in which we operate, Aragón and Cataluña. These sites are in Bujaraloz, Linyola, Vila-sana, Ivars d´urgell, Torregrosa, Bellvis, amongst others.

    Our careful selection and treatment of raw materials allows us to fulfil our chief objective: to offer optimal quality in our products and services. Our commitment to treating raw materials with utmost care is backed by handling processes that take place at state-of-the-art facilities to achieve the desired results.

    The commitment acquired with our end customers, encourages us in our daily work to attain the necessary balance between satisfying our producers who entrust their crops to us and meeting the demands of a market that demands increasingly all-round products.

    Our facilities currently process more than 360,000 tons of our own forage production as well as processing and managing that of other collaborators.

    Our strategically located sites mean that we can distribute our products to any part of the world. We work with the main ports in north east Spain, via road or rail.

    Our activity today is the result of a project that has been built up over the years, with a proven track record and commitment that allows us to offer guarantees and security to all of those who work with us.

    Cuenca del Ebro (01-01-1970)

    Agua embalsada:
  • Guadalete-Barbate
  • Galicia Costa
  • Guadalquivir