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Ebro River Basin (01-01-1970)

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  • Al Dahra Fagavi at SIAM 2014

    Al Dahra Fagavi at SIAM 2014

    Al Dahra Fagavi has been present once again in the International Exhibition of Agriculture of Morocco. This fantastic international fair has become a benchmark in the industry besides being a great place to meet with clients and representatives of our sector.

    In its ninth edition, the International Exhibition for Agriculture in Morocco has significantly increased the area devoted to exhibitors over last year, so much so that they have concentrated more than 1,000 exhibitors from over 50 different nationalities. It is a real showcase from which consolidate Fagavi Al Dahra business strategy.

    Al Dahra Fagavi in Congress CIDE 2013

    Houssam Mahmoud, Chief Executive Officer

    Al Dahra Agriculture participated in the "CIDE Congress of the European fodder", which took place on September the 18th, 19th and 20th in Seville (Spain), and attended by the Minister of Agriculture and Environment, D . Miguel Arias Cañete.

    At this international conference, Al Dahra Agriculture has participated as a guest speaker to Congress. Houssam Mahmoud, CEO of Al Dahra Agriculture, gave a lecture on the future of alfalfa, indicating where are oriented markets the demand of it.

    The congress was attended by a large number of speakers, including the presidents of eight national associations that make up the Confederation Interprofessional of European Dehydrators (CIDE), as well as others from the U.S.A, China, Argentina and Canada, and with the participation of more than 160 guests.

    Aldahra meets with Spanish manufacturers of Alfalfa

    The company forage Al Dahra Ivars d'Urgell Fagavi organized on Tuesday September 10, a lunch with Spanish manufacturers of dehydrated alfalfa industry.

    The event was chaired by the highest representatives of the group to the Dahra Agriculture in Abu Dhabi: S.E. Mr. Khadim to Darei, Vice President of Al Dahra Agriculture and President of Al Dahra Fagavi; and Mr. Houssam Mahmoud, Director General of Al Dahra Agriculture. Joining them, also presided the act the main directors of the Lleida company Al Dahra Fagavi: Mr. Josep Mª Gaset, Director General; Mr. Abdolghani Ezzitouni, Director of operations; and Mr. José Miguel Valenzuela, Chief Financial Officer.

    Al Dahra Fagavi along with about 50 industry executives at the restaurant La Bellvís Boscana, with the intention of maintain close links with them and talk about next campaign of Alfalfa; thus ensuring Al Dahra Fagavi will continue counting with the leading manufacturers in the sector.

    Al Dahra Fagavi en el Salon International de l’Agriculture au Maroc

    Abdolghani Ezzitouni, Chief Operations Officer, and Jordi Gaset, Marketing Manager.

    Al Dahra Agriculture has participated in the "Salon International de l'Agriculture au Maroc" (SIAM 2013), which took place at the fairgrounds Lagdal-Sahrij Bassin Souani, Meknes, Meknes (Morocco), from 24th to 28th April , 2013. This has been the first time that Al Dahra Agriculture has participated in this international exhibition as an exhibitor.

    SIAM 2013, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the International Association of Agriculture of Morocco, is set in an area of ​​high agricultural potential, and considering that this event is a great expansion opportunity.

    Al Dahra Fagavi in Agra Middle East, Dubai.

    Rashed Ahmad Bin Fahad

    Minister of UAE environment and water.

    Rashed Ahmad Bin Fahad Minister of UAE environment and water visiting Aldahra Agriculture stand in Agra Middle East internacional fair.

    In the picture, from left to right, Rashed Ahmad Bin Fahad Minister of UAE environment and water; Sulaiman Al Nuaimi, General Manager Al Dahra, Egypt; Houssam Mahmoud Chief Executive Officer of Al Dahra Agriculture; Abdolghani Ezzitouni, COO Al Dahra Agriculture, Spain.

    The company Al Dahra Fagavi arises from the merger of the Gaset Group with Al Dahra Agriculture’s Spanish companies.

    H.E. Khadim Al Darei

    Al Dhara Agriculture Vice-President and Executive Director of Operations.

    Al Dahra Fagavi arises from the merger of the Gaset Group companies with those of the Al Dahra Agriculture Group in Spain. A new company with a production capacity of more than 360,000 tons of forage per year, which will employ 140 workers.

    "This joint venture has positive elements for all of us and I am sure that it will have a bright future”, stated the President of the Gaset Group, José María Gaset, in front of a thousand guests at the presentation of the new company held on 20th December at the Catalonia Conference Centre in Barcelona. José María Gaset’s opinion is also shared by the Vice-President and Executive Director of Operations of Al Dhara Agriculture, H.E. Khadim Al Darei who announced that in the very near future they hope to increase their investments in Catalonia and Aragon.

    Present at the event were eminent figures such as H.E. Rashid Al Shariqi, Director General of ADFCA (Abu Dhabi Control Authority), the Abu Dhabi Consul in Barcelona, directors of Al Dahra Agriculture, the director of territorial services of the regional Ministry of Agriculture in Barcelona, the president of Lleida Provincial Council or the deputy government representative in Lleida.

    Cuenca del Ebro (01-01-1970)

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